Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Friends and Stampers,

I am so sorry I have been a bad blogger for so long. I wanted to give you an update to let you all know that I am in my 10th class, Pathophysiology. After this, I have two more classes to go and I will be done with my BSN. So it's looking like there will be life at the end of the tunnel sometime in May!!!  So many people have told me this time has gone by really fast. But when I am missing making cards, stamping, coloring, and keeping up with the stampy world, I say, "Not fast enough."  I will say though, education is totally worth it!

Last month I started a new job, Director of Emergency Nursing. Yes, I am crazy like that. Jumping into one thing before I have had a chance to finish. But the opportunity was available and I needed a change. And a chance to use my new found knowledge. So the next few months will be a bumpy ride, but by Summer, my life should be back to smooth sailing. Or at least not so insane.

I miss you all and I miss commenting on your blogs and seeing your wonderful creations. I will be back, I promise.

Thanks for checking in on me,