Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Coffee Lovers Blog Hop


Whewwwww, I finally managed to squeeze in a card just before class starts! I wanted to at least get one card in the coffee lovers blog hop before it closes. They have over a thousand entree's and I am so excited for them.

Here is my card. 

Sorry for the poor photo, I did not have time to set up my photo table and get out my good camera. Just wanted to try to get a quick pic before it was too late. I used Joy Clair Coffee Lovers stamp set, Copic Markers, Pretty Pink Posh sequins (Metallic Bronze & Espresso), and the paper was from Doodlebug Kitten Smitten 6X6 paper pack. 

I do love my coffee!!! Currently I am loving the Tim Horton K-Cups! So good. It's like something I look forward to every morning and on the occasional afternoon. I'd rather drive home and make a cup than go out for any coffee offered in town. It helps me stay sharp for school papers too, lol.

Speaking of school, just one more class and I am DONE! Yeah. After over 20 years of being out of school I have to say that this has been a challenge for me, but a great thing for me to do. I feel current in my field and I feel proud of myself for not only sticking with this, but dragging two of my friends along for the ride, lol.  

I hope you all have a wonderful spring, I hope to be more involved in all the future Coffee Lover Blog Hops. 


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One More Class!

Hi Friends and Family,

Just another quick update, I just turned in my last assignment for my 11th class. One more class to go and I'm done! Whoot! I received an email yesterday saying if I wanted them to process my degree, it would cost $150.00. Really? All that time and money I've put in this whole time and you want to charge me an additional $150.00? I need that persons job. $150.00 to look over your classes just to say yes, process the degree, lol.

Immediately following my last class, I have to take a pediatric advanced life support class (PALS), so I will still be studying, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that is amazing. So after that, I plan to come home from work and cut, glue, ink, color, stamp, die-cut, and glitter away my evenings! I cannot wait!

Thanks for hanging in with me,


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Friends and Stampers,

I am so sorry I have been a bad blogger for so long. I wanted to give you an update to let you all know that I am in my 10th class, Pathophysiology. After this, I have two more classes to go and I will be done with my BSN. So it's looking like there will be life at the end of the tunnel sometime in May!!!  So many people have told me this time has gone by really fast. But when I am missing making cards, stamping, coloring, and keeping up with the stampy world, I say, "Not fast enough."  I will say though, education is totally worth it!

Last month I started a new job, Director of Emergency Nursing. Yes, I am crazy like that. Jumping into one thing before I have had a chance to finish. But the opportunity was available and I needed a change. And a chance to use my new found knowledge. So the next few months will be a bumpy ride, but by Summer, my life should be back to smooth sailing. Or at least not so insane.

I miss you all and I miss commenting on your blogs and seeing your wonderful creations. I will be back, I promise.

Thanks for checking in on me,