Saturday, October 8, 2011

Holly Ester's Tasty Toffeebread (tm)

Oh I am so excited! I got my package of Holly Ester's Tasty Toffeebread tm in today from New Mexico. My Sister is a chef and she is extraordinary when it comes to yummy things. She created Toffeebread tm and decided to package and sell it. She called me a couple, yes a couple, weeks ago and asked me if she could use my picture and name on her labels. I am so flattered. So no, you are not seeing double, lol, that is me. And is my name really Holly Ester? Well it is now, lol.

I have to tell you, it is seriously a good thing my sister is making this in New Mexico and no where in California, lol. I would drive hours and hours for this little goodie. lol. Luckily, I do not have to. And neither do you. We can order it on line!!!! YES. My personal fav is the Pink Salt and if you chose this as an affordable Christmas Gift for someone, make sure you buy yourself a bag or two, otherwise they might just end up getting the empty bag, lol, it's really that good. Other flavors are the black pepper and sage blossom. Sister recommends the black pepper with cheese. So of course I had to try it, and it was so good.......

How Good Was It?
.....I only intended to taste one of each peice before I got to photograph this and upload. Unfortunatly the Pink Salt is almost gone. Not so much for the picture sake, but mine, lol. And half the Sage Blossom and Black Pepper are gone too, lol. And okay, now we need to get more cheese too. lol. This is the best thing I have eaten in quite a while. It's like cookie crack, lol. So if you would like to treat a family member or friend (AND you too!) to a tasty Holiday Season, go to: or website now up and running!

Very soon I am going to have a Toffeebread tm badge on the right to just click on to order...... so easy peasy.

New business, great gals, you will love it and when you do taste it and love it, tell everyone you know!

Thanks for much for your support.

Holly.....AKA KopyKat.....AKA Holly Ester


Jamie Kaufmann said...

wow! gonna have to check this out! you are famous!

Ann Schach said...

Sounds yummy!

Cindy Coutts Designs said...

Holly, what a cool blog you have. I'm going to be CASEing some stuff from here, that's for sure! Congrats on your picture and cover. That's very cool.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Cookie Crack! I love it! LOL
It does sound so very yummy. Can't wait to visit the new website. THanks for the info. :)

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said... looks so good...your cards are so sweet...have a fabby weekend!

enjoy *~*

jaydee said...

Holly, what a wonderful thing your sister has done. I wish her all the very best with this yummy sounding endeavor! Love the packaging she created!
I love the Toffeebread name!
thanks for stopping by my blog on the paper players blog hop today. really appreciated your visit.

Leslie Miller said...

Congratulations on your sister's new venture! You're so darn cute, it's no wonder she wanted your image on her packaging! Best of luck to her!

Monique said...

Sounds like so much fun.. and so Yummy too :)!!

marilynprestonn said...

How cool is it to have your face on a product, but! You hit the jackpot Holly. Fun to have a sister that delivers. :)Peggyxo

June Houck said...

Congrats on your new fame, "Holly Ester." Your picture is adorable, so I can see why she wanted to us it on her packaging. Brilliant!

Jocelyn Olson said...

Hee hee! That's so awesome that you picture is on their bags. sounds delicious!

The Archiving Angel said...

Hello Holly, I am your newest follower. Congratulations on your new pic being on your sister's toffee bread packaging. That is so sweet!
I wish you both well.
I have been browsing your cool blog & enjoying your creations.
Crafty best wishes,

Cindy Haffner said...