Monday, April 15, 2013

Thoughts and Prayers for Boston

Thoughts and Prayers for the victims and families who were terrorized in today's bomb explosions.  After watching several hours of footage tonight on T.V. there are many thoughts and feelings, but the most positive thought I have is how impressive the first responders were and how the victims were so equally divided between the seven hospitals in the City.  And once the victims arrived, there was already a plan of action and more off-duty hospital staff were on the way. 

I've ran mock codes and this is no easy task when you are expecting mass casualty.  Yet I watched as people acted immediately without having to be told and it was amazing to see this through my nursing perspective.  Makes me wish I was nursing in Boston.  So impressive. 

All other thoughts are much like yours.  Horrified that anyone would even think of such a thing.  Horrified for the athletes who have spent much of their lives training and working out, who lost their limbs or ability to run anymore.  Horrified for those that ran 26 miles to have such a devastating ending when it should have been joyful and full of celebrating.  Horrified for all three lives lost today and those that are in critical condition.  May God give the FBI and homeland security the right clues and lead them down the right path to find those that are responsible and bring them to justice. 



yyam said...

It's terrible. Even watching from this part of the world. I can't imagine how you Americans must be feeling over this senseless tragedy.

Laura Love said...

Well said Holly!