Monday, August 26, 2013

All Aboard!

X-Press It Paper
Favorite copic color combo B97, B95, B93!

Hello Friends and Stampers,

All aboard for a new Challenge over at The Loves Rubberstamps Challenge Blog!  This week we are asking us to show and tell your favorite color combination.  We are being sponsored by not one but two sponsors, plus the Loves Prize! 

I love Train Conductor Owen!  He is so cute.  I used quite a few of my favorite color combinations on this one.  B97, B95, B92 for his overalls and hat.  E27, E25, E23 for his shoes.  R29, R27, R24 for his shirt.  Y38, Y19, Y15 for his scarf.  G07, G14, YGo3 for his gloves. E43, E42, E41 for the wheels.  Actually, you know what my favorite Copic Color Combination is of all?  R85, R83, R81, but I couldn't use these on a boy card, lol. 

So last week, we thought we were all settled into school with the boys.  The school district called to let us know they had to revoke my grandson's transfer.  So Joe and I scrambled around and after many phone calls, we had to register him at the elementary school a few blocks away.  Can you imagine?  So I have one going to the original school and one I had to take to a whole new school today.  I agonized all weekend over this.  I thought we were all ready for this change this morning, I thought I could keep the brave facade going.  When he started crying on the playground before school even started, I started crying too.  I cried getting him in the line.  I cried walking away.  I cried in the Dean of Students office.  I cried signing him up for the daycare across the street.  I came home and I cried for three hours.  I can't even remember the last time I cried, lol.  It's just so not me.  But my heart just ached for him.  Having another first day of school after just having gone through all of that last week.  I have to say I really HATE our school system.  Nothing about our society is focused on our children.  And they are the most important part.  Take the budget away from the prisoners.  Tax those top 3%.  Do whatever we need to do to pay our teachers really well, and give more funding to the school.  And then fire all those district people and start over again.  Okay I'll get off my soap box, lol.   He did a lot better today than I did.

I am using this weeks sketch over at MFT's. 

Thanks for Looking and for putting up with my rant. 



debby4000 said...

Oh this is sooooo cute.
Sorry to hear the heartache over schools.

*Vicki* said...

Oh wow this is sooo sweet Holly!! I love your clever idea making the tracks border along the bottom and such great colors! :)

So sorry about your school hassles. You are a good mom because you care and as long as your son knows you're doing your best for him, he will be OK in the end sweetie! HUGS to you both!

Za ovinkom said...

Soooo cute Owen. You design card perfectly!!!

Dangina Martinez said...

Holly you rocked this Owen image. That is some awesome dp and color combo.
Hugs, Dangina

Tracy said...

This is adorable for a little boy. Fun colors and those little Card Candi pieces are too cute. Precious card Holly! Hugs!

Mona Pendleton said...

So cute Holly! I'm amazed how you can color all that little detail! Wow! Love the polka dot embellishments! Thanks for joining along with MFT :)

Tress said...

Holly, my heart goes out to you over this school mess! Sending soothing thoughts your way! Your card is adorable! Love, love, love the card candy...such a fantastic design choice! And the railroad tracks! Too cute!

Sue - bearhouse said...

Awwwww that image is just adorable and coloured so beautifully. I love those papers too
Sue xx

Athina said...

So sad for the little guy. I am sorry they did this to you. Your card is adorable and would put a smile on any one's face.

Ellen said...

That is an important soap box to stand on! I agree less money for prisoners and more money for the school systems. Your card is fantastic! Love the color combo and that adorable image!

Marcy said...

Adorable image and card! Love all the bright colors. It is perfect and I like how you used the Candi on it as well. Hang in there with all the school stuff!

nwilliams6 said...

I totally agree with you on the schools! I think we should take money away from a ton of things and spend it on the schools but before we do that, we need to teach the administrators what it means to focus on the children and provide customer service! Sorry you had to get so upset - I would have done the same thing!

I love your sweet card - such an adorable image! Your card is cute and colored up perfectly!


wannabcre8tive said...

Love this cute card and how you added
the train tracks. I agree with you on the system.