Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thank You Amy and the Ton

Hi Friends and Stampers,

I just wanted to do a few quick posts thanking companies for prizes. I know you saw my Coffee Lovers cards and part of the blog hop is uploading cards and going from blog to blog checking out other creations that were also uploaded. There were over 800!!! When you blog hop, google does this thing that you have to prove you are not a robot. This year thankfully, there were not weird scrambled numbers and letters that used to be really hard to figure I needed a robot to help me, lol.  This year were miniature pictures of various items. Then you had to click the pic's that matched. Sometimes these were in other languages, so I had to figure out by the pic's what they wanted, or click all the street signs but sometimes they wanted the poles and sometimes not. They even got tricky with once you clicked on a picture, another one would replace it and you also must click on those too. Only twice were cups of coffee an option, mostly store fronts in areas I don't think I would be frequenting, lol.  But it was all worth it, just to see the fabulous creations and be able to tell the creator how much I loved what they made, and pin a few to pinterest too. Anyhoo, when the competition is over, you add your name to the super commenter's list. And I won a gift card to The Ton!!! So I picked out these:

Thank you so much to Amy and the Ton, it was hard to choose but I just love these! 


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