Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter.....

Has the Easter Bunny been by your house yet? Did he leave you any bright and shiny .... paper or little Copic sticks? How about stamps? I mean, how great would it be to wake up tomorrow morning and find a basket filled with the latest and greatest paper pads, new copics, and the really cute stamps you have been wanting? lol. I know, I'm still a child.

Today, I had my first card class at the local scrappy store. I was very nervous and unsure how things would go. It seemed to go okay with a few hiccups, but overall it seemed like everyone was having fun, chatting, and asking a lot of questions. And at the end, they were asking when my next card class would be. So that is a very good sign. And for me it was a milestone of sorts. It was a chance to give back all the wonderful advise and help I've had along the way. And they thought it was great and a few ladies declared that they were not giving their cards away, they intended to keep them for themselves. And that really says a lot. And it makes me happy.

I hope your weekend is a blessed and happy occation. I'm very grateful for all that I have and all the wonderful people around me. Oh, and all I'm going to buy myself next Sort filling my own basket of sorts. lol. Yes, I am a child.

Happy Easter

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Ann Schach said...

I'm glad your class was a success! Woo hoo!