Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Redneck washing to Modern Day washing

This is what Redneck modern day washing looks like, lol.   A couple months ago, my dear beloved and overworked washer sprang a leak.  What to do?  The schedule was full of work, work, work, and no time to stop now, so had to haul it outside and plug it in and use it anyway, leak and all.  lol.   Well that leak, like all other leaks that do not get repaired, grew bigger and bigger until the poor beloved washer would no longer fill.   So Joe and I headed to Sears and OMGosh how washers have evolved and changed!  I am old school, I believe in those clean clothes and 50-60 gallons of water wash, lol.   The new models are more echo friendly and believe in saving water.  Which is great, but I need clean!  So we talked back and forth and came home and checked consumer reports and talked some more.  We finally agreed on one. 

Behold, the Samsung PowerFoam Washing machine.  I barely know how to use it! lol.  But it's inside and now we can remove the eye sore from the backyard, lol.  We have put this to the test this weekend.  We were backed up on laundry and in dire need to get a washer, let me tell you!  It sings a little song when it's done.  The timer is not completely accurate on this, sometimes IT decides it needs longer and it does take a lot longer per load than my ol' dinosaur Kenmore.  But it does clean clothes and blankets, pillows, sheets, etc VERY well.  Once we get over the shock of the cost, we may invest in a matching dryer, but that will be a ways away. 

The downside is that this will seriously cut into my scrapbooking budget.  But I do have a few things, lol, I need to ink up and play with right now anyway. lol. 

So this is part of my week last week.  And I'll post more about the rest. 


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Pam Sparks said...

Now that is creative Holly! I wouldn't of thought to just set 'er up outside! The new one looks nice!