Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Vehicle

You can't see inside too well in this picture, but yes, that is my Joe.  Hooking up all the gadgets and the car blue tooth, getting all the IPad and Geek stuff set up in his new car.  Our Jeep Liberty was a very good vehicle for a lot of years and it decided we needed to trade it in this weekend.  Joe had over 112,000 miles on the Jeep, lol.  And it was time to either put some money into it or trade it in.  With the washing machine experience just mere days behind us, I was not looking forward to this expense.  But we found a good car and a good deal.  And they did give us a decent trade in for the Jeep.  So in the end, it was a rewarding experience. 

We went out friday night looking at different small SUV's.  We test drove two and after having to listen to the Salesmen, I sent Joe out Saturday to test drive some more.   The plan was to narrow it down to a few and then I would go test drive them as well.   So yesterday when he came home, we talked about all the features and gadgets and what we wanted and didn't want.  What we found was that most of the smaller SUV's have a back up camera because the rear window is so small.  We had to talk about what would happen if this camera went out.  Neither of us have time or patience for repairs.   It may be the best thing since sliced bread, but I am not used to relying on a camera to back up and it just did not seem like a good thing for us.  We don't like leather seats.  It gets so hot here in the summer and beginning of fall.  But seat warmers did seem like a good idea, lol.  What a luxury!  We also like moon roofs.  Just for the extra sunlight in the winter, but it seems to help a lot.  And hands free blue tooth built into the car appealed to Joe a great deal.  As did a few other gadgets.  So the Subaru Forester appealed to our needs the most. 

I do not suffer fools very well.  I do not like to haggle back and forth.  I have family members that sell cars and I know all about the haggle process.  I also do not like to feel like I paid too much for something that maybe someone else got a better deal on.  So Joe handed over the reins and we actually worked well back and forth on getting a great deal.  Our salesman was really great too, he caught on very quickly and didn't even go there. lol. 

So now I am trying to find some mojo to make some cards.  I am behind on my favorite challenges! Oh No! lol.  

So that was my expensive week, how was yours?



Pam Sparks said...

well.... all I can say is I'm glad it was you and not me! Car buying is so stressful!
Glad you got it figured out! Hopefully you won't have to spend BIG for awhile!

Leslie Miller said...

Wow! That IS an expensive week! Good stuff, though. Glad you've got plenty of stamping supplies to keep yourself busy. Hope you've got the laundry all caught up!