Friday, May 17, 2013

Teacher Appreciation.....

Hello Friends and Fellow Stampers!

Happy Holly-Day Friday and TGIF to me, because I am off this weekend! What's even sweeter is my guys are headed to L.A. for the weekend to go visit a guy friend, making it an "all guys" weekend and they are headed to see the new Star Trek movie at the IMAX. You know what that means? Whoo Hoo, stampy time for me! lol. What are your weekend plans? Have you had a chance to play in our current Loves Rubberstamps Challenge yet? May flowers! So easy. And there is a prize (actually two) involved!

Today I pulled out a few of My Favorite Things and made a LATE teacher appreciation card. We also got Mrs. Chavez a couple of Apple shaped treats from See's Candy that she is going to love! And we are presenting her with this card and Candy on, "Open House" night, lol. Smart huh? lol

Remember, if you see something in the store that is sold, just drop Laura an email and ask her to get it for you, or if she carries a line that you are looking for a particular item from and don't see it, email her. It's just that easy. That is how I started with Laura. I was hoping she would carry a particular Flourishes Stamps set and she ordered it for me....okay, she ordered all three of them for me, lol.

I'm playing in the current sketch Challenge for MFT's.

Anyone ready for an Archie Update?

He stands about 12 inches tall and is about 12 inches long, and he is the new Alpha. lol. He rules the roost, or so he thinks. Everything was going fabulous until I had to put him in his cage at night. At my house, all dogs in at night and each one has their own cage in our room. Once I closed the door he went all Grimlin on me. Snarling and biting at the cage and growling at me. Of course I had to bark and growl back at him, lol, he did not know what to make of that at all. However the next couple nights I have lured him in with a treat and now he happily bounces into the cage and makes himself comfortable for the night. In fact, when the alarm goes off, he can be found laying on his back all stretched out, sleeping like a baby. The second event happened when my husband carried him outside at dinner time. He actually snapped at him and bit him, but not hard. He does not like not being invited to dinner at all, lol. But the last couple nights I have again lured him out with a treat and he is just fine with that. So as long as it's Archies idea and he can freely walk into the situation, he is fine, lol. Otherwise, he is cute, adorable and loves me as much as I love him now. So we are a work in progress on some rules and boundaries, but he is catching on quickly. The other two dogs just don't know what to think of him and they keep looking at me as if to say, "Isn't it time for him to go now?" lol. I'm sure in time they will all work it out.
Thanks for checking in and I hope you get a chance to play in our May flowers Challenge this week!


Sue - bearhouse said...

Your card is gorgeous Holly. I love the pretty image and beautiful papers.
Awww Archie looks adorable, I am pleased he has settled in.
I hope you have a good weekend
hugs Sue xx

Michaela said...

Your card is super gorgeous,Holly! Love every element you used. Archie looks very handsome! I have no doubt the order and level of power is going to even out soon and all is going to become one happy family xx

Danni said...

What a wonderful card!! Love it!

Super cute pup!!

Judy said...

Hi Holly,

Super cute Teacher card. Love the colors and design. Wishing you more success with Archie as well. He's too adorable!


Marcy said...

Great teachers card! I'm actually in the middle of making a card using this image too! Great papers and awesome job with the sketch!

Marcy said...

Great teachers card! I'm actually in the middle of making a card using this image too! Great papers and awesome job with the sketch!

Sanja Grdinić said...

Wow - You did a perfect card with this sketch! I don't think that I would manage... :)
Have a nice day, Holly!