Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Give Me an "A"

Hi Friends and Stampers,

I was working on this card today for Reed's teacher.

TGF - Anya Cheerleader
Wink of Stella - Silver
Silver Glitter paper and brads and Blue paper from S.U.
Since this is the last week of school, I thought Mrs Trefrey needed a Thank You card especially tailored just for her.  One day she called me to tell me this story.  She asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up.  One of the kids asked her if she always wanted to be a teacher and she honestly said, "Well No, I actually always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader."  Then Reed spoke up with, "Why would you want to be a thing like that?"  And she laughed and laughed.  It's not necessarily what he says, more like the way he says things. 
If you have kept up on my blog, you know that Reed came to live with us last summer and started the 2nd grade in the "below, below" grade average.  Joe wrote out the alphabet and sounded out each of the letters for him and then they began putting words together, like "Cat."  Since he had been in the IEP program the year before, we had no choice but to continue it.  If Joe and I had our way, we would have held him back to the first grade, but IEP rules state you cannot hold them back because their "disability" would not go away and basically I guess they feel the children will always be behind.  Knowing Reed did not have any disability, I trekked down to the school in a veil of tears and pleading with Mrs Trefrey and the Dean of Students.  Joe and I worked with him and his teacher each night when we got home from school and I am proud to say that he is now at 3rd grade level, reading chapter books, and we just got a letter in the mail recommending him for the GATE program.  Wow.  So sometimes God knows what we need, even if we are sure we don't. lol. 
What can I say about Mrs Trefrey?  I witnessed her classroom first hand.  Kids of all levels of learning, three that would not listen to her and she called each parent on her personal cell phone... bam, bam, bam....  Continued to teach the lesson..... worked with an electronic translating system for one child who did not even speak English at all, (from the middle east).  And she manages to not only stay sane all year, but in fact, she cares about all these children and their education.  She constantly kept us updated, called us on our cell phones if there was any problems, called us on our cell phones to tell us all the good things, and often times would text me after six pm if she had anything else she needed to communicate to us.  She been in the trenches for over 18 years and does not exhibit any signs of "burn out".  She is truly a blessing and the best teacher I have ever met.  I feel so fortunate to have Reed in her class this year. 
So this is her Cheerleader card, because I am not so sure she is aware of what a special cheerleader she is for each child that is blessed to be in her class..... oh and the little boy who spoke no English, yep, he is speaking a whole lot of English thanks to her and her never ending Patience. 
Sorry about the poor picture quality.  My light box is in the front room and I put kitty to bed in the front room and turned off the lights and closed the door.  Kitty is a Bengal and she likes to be high and get into everything, lol.  Last night, she got out without us knowing it.  Her first night outside and her first time outside ever.  I found her eating the dogs food this morning, lol.   She came in and slept all day long.  She was exhausted.  So just to make sure she doesn't get out again, I didn't want to go in the front room after putting her to bed, lol.  So I took the photo with my IPhone on my desk... with poor lighting, lol.  And this card needed to go to school with Reed tomorrow. 
Thanks for putting up with my chatting. 
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Tracey said...

Loving the glittery background!! This is just fabulous Holly!!

Debra Miller said...

Awesome card Holly, perfect for a teacher who cares! Thank you so much for joining us this week at Sketch Saturday! ~Deb

Larelle-Susanne Thoms said...

super cute!

Marcy said...

Oh Holly! So excited to see this and happy you're able to join FFF this week! I just colored up this image too as a late Mom's Day card for my friend, "A"my! :) This is perfect for Reed's teacher...I love the story you mentioned and what a fantastic teacher for Reed and for the rest of the class as well. She will love this!!!