Monday, May 19, 2014

Grow Old With Me


Okay, technically I did have my Happy Holly-Day Monday card up on Monday.  It may have been 11:00 pm and I may have had to come back Tuesday morning to type this in, lol, but I did get one done.  Whewwww.  Where are the hours and the mojo?  To top things off, I pulled a ligament in my right knee and had to work an extra shift this week.  As well as Jeep's open house and Reed's Carnival, both after work this week.  So that further aggravated the pain and by the time I got home each night, it was killing me.  Woke me up in my sleep.  Blah, blah, blah.  It's all a mojo killer, lol.  But I did manage to whip this one up in less than 30 min and get it posted.    So this is my Monday Inspiration for Loves Rubberstamps!!!   Laura was so sweet to do my post for me and used some of the cards I have made recently.  She also said some of the nicest things about my cards.  Thank you Laura. 

Have you seen the New Challenge?  Have fun with your name.  So for each letter in your name, you use an item or color or whatever you decide it stands for. 
H- hole or circle
O- one finger up
L- Love
L- Letters
Y- yet

okay I am reaching here with this card, lol.  I did not make it with the letter challenge in mind but you can see how easily I applied it to the challenge.  So I hope to see your fabulous projects and how you apply your name to them. 

Have you seen the New Items in the store? Laura has a plethora of new things to list in the store, so keep checking back, you never know! 

Thanks for Looking and for your kind Comments.



Tracey said...

Great sentiment and beautiful card!!

Laura Love said...

Awesome card! I love the faster cards that still look amazing! I hope your knee feels better soon! Get some rest...I know it is hard some days...heck weeks or months sometimes with our schedules :D

Marcy said...

Beautiful card and I love the pretty papers you used. Great take on the sketch as always and also with the name challenge! Hope you have a nice holiday weekend! :)