Monday, September 27, 2010

Fair Time

Jeep informed us on Saturday morning we were going to the fair. He had read his 200 minutes and earned a free fair pass this year. Too bad that did not come with a wrist band for the rides, lol. So after debating for a few minutes, I finally caved. And the three of us set out in the mid day heat to go to the fair.
$30.00 wrist bands are always bitter pills to swallow, especially if you know Jeep. He goes in with such enthusiasm but then once he evaluates a ride, he usually decided, "uh, no." This year we lucked out and he found some friends from school who wanted to "hang out." It is a lot more fun when you have friends along for the ride, lol.
After a few hours of rides, we went off to the fried food section and ate fair food. I did sneak in a corndog while he was riding and ended up wearing the mustard. The dispenser shot out mustard about 12 feet and I was standing in the way, lol. I told the guy at the stand, "Hey, I just got mustard all over me, your dispenser is shooting mustard." He told me I should have read the sign and stood back. And sure enough, there was a sign warning about the mustard dispenser. Do any of you ever read all of the signs at the fair? I never thought to look for warning labels for mustard under attack mode, lol.
We debated about taking him this year. The allergens are so aweful between our air quality, the grass, the smokers, the animal dander and the dust. Every year we take him and then every year we have to fight uncontrolled asthma for a few days. The doctor tells us to avoid it at all costs. But all that aside, how can we deny him this yearly experience? I know, I know, the health blah blah blah, I give this lecture to parents too, I'm a nurse, lol. But there is also child psychology 101. And we have to weigh the risks and the benefits. He worked hard for this pass and he was looking forward to going. So we went earlier to try and avoid the bigger crowds and smokers, lol. I am happy to report this year, no major attack for him, but my allergies are horrible, which is why I am doubling up on my allergy medications and getting no sleep from the side effects of that tonight, lol.
At least I have time to post now. lol.


Jamie Kaufmann said...

he's having a blast. glad it was worth the risk. always better with friends!

Anonymous said...

Love the mustard story and Jeep's picture is great! Best ride pic yet? I had asthma for two days after last year's fair. It is wonderful Jeep was able to avoid that. <3 Nancy