Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Together

I made this card back in March and am still getting comments on it! How great is that? I used stampin up's Happy Everything set that was recently retired. Black and white cardstock, and some cuttlebug folders for embossing. I used the nesties hearts and glued on rhinestones and ribbon. I was concidering myself very fortunate to have these little flowers AND was able to find them, lol. Does that ever happen to you? I buy all these little do-dads to keep in my stash for when I need them, and then I have something in mind for a card and cannot find them til months after the project is completed. lol. But not on this one, this one I was able to find them and they went perfectly with this card.

I'm suppose to be studying for my BLS class right now, lol. I need to read this book for tomarrow's class, but OMG, I am so over it. lol. Not over saving people if I have to - lol, just over this same class I've taken every two years for the past 16 years. I think this is my 9th Basic life support class. This year is a bit different. Steven Cowell has been my BLS instructor since nursing school, and he past away recently. So the thought of going tomarow and him not being there has put a damper on my spirits for this class. He was one of those instructors everyone complained about, "too picky, too difficult, yada yada, yada." But he was very passionate about what he was teaching and took it very seriously and I totally got that and respected him for that. Ineffective chest compressions and life support can cost a life, I get that. But reading this book again, yeah, over it. lol.


DAWN Braun said...

SUPER cute card!! Thanks for the love on SCS!

Joan Fricker said...

I love your wedding card. It is one of the cutest I have seen. Great idea.