Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lucky and Blessed

Hi All,

Well, I have not had time to sit down in a creative mood and make anything this week, but I have been lucky and I have been blessed.

A few weeks back I blogged about work stress and asked for some prayers. I want to thank those of you who prayed because God indeed opened up new doors. My last day of work is tomorrow and I start my new job on the 27th. I am really looking forward to working with some great ladies who also share in my passion for stamping! What could be better than that? More money and better benefits! lol. God doesn't hand mediocre blessings.

You know lately I have been into being compliant with my medical checks. I'm a nurse and we are notorious for not practising what we preach. lol. So the first thing I did was go for a mammogram. It was only a year overdue, so I am not feeling too badly about that. But it came back "suspicious." So I had to go back and get a "cone mammogram" (OUCH) and an ultrasound. Did you know when you get a mammogram you are not supposed to wear deodorant? They think that might have been the suspicious looking creature on my first mammogram, lol. Did you know when you get a chest ultrasound that they also ultrasound your armpits? Weird huh? I wasn't expecting that one, lol. The initial mammogram did not hurt, it was not uncomfortable, it was more of a awkward thing than anything. The cone mammogram however, was a tight squeeze and just when I thought she was squeezing all I could stand, the machine squeezed a little more. The girls were not happy, but they understood the necessity. So anyway, I did not realize how much I was holding my breath over these results until today. I actually went to the radiology facility and asked for copies of my results. And thankfully, I know what I'm reading. Benign is a very good word. And under recommendation: regular mammogram check next year. Yippee! This was another great blessing.

First thing this morning, I learned that I had won blog candy from Ann! Whooo Hooo! The only thing better than stampin' up bling is free stampin' up bling! Thank you Ann for the wonderful blog candy! And Colleen sent me a message to let me know! That was lucky.

I won a blog hop from My Favorite Things and just used my $15.00 winnings tonight, can't wait to get the cute stamps in the mail! Thank you My Favorite Things! That was lucky.

I won the blog hop for Joan's ginormous challenge and got some free cuttlebug folders and a snowflake die from Spellbinders! Thank You Joan! That was lucky.

I met my husband for lunch today and the sandwich place was jammed packed, no parking that I could see from the corner. So I decided to go ahead and look in their very small parking lot, because the street parking was taken. As I went to pull in, someone was pulling out of a spot right next to the door and I got in it! That was lucky.

I was picking up some things I needed from Walgreen's the other day and the magic machine spit out a $15.00 off coupon. You know those annoying coupons for things you don't use or never would buy that come out of those? Wow, $15.00 with few restrictions and no limit. So I bought some stocking stuffers today! That was lucky.

So I decided to buy a lottery ticket today, lol. Pushing my luck and blessings or just ready to keep receiving? God has no limits, but he does know what is best for me. So I am asking for a winning ticket knowing that would be in my best interest, lol.

But quite honestly, I feel like huge burdens have been lifted from my soul and my heart and I'm ready to let go and enjoy every single thing, luck or blessings, and be thankful.

Happy last minute holiday stuff!

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