Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Keurig to me!

This is what I got for Christmas! I know, I should not pick out my Christmas gift, but I NEEDED it! lol.
Not trying to keep up with the Jones' but my long time coffee maker friend died a few weeks ago. I made Joe run out and buy any cheap coffeemaker because I don't even try to function first thing in the morning without coffee. The cheap coffee maker made weak and luke warm coffee. For a while I tried to "make do." But just before my long time friend coffee maker died, I had a cup of coffee at a fellow Stampin' Up club members home. It was so space age tech that I had no idea how it worked. But once I learned and I had a cup of that FABULOUS Paul Newman's Own Organic Bold, I was in love!
We searched for the same coffee maker we had before. After all, it did make perfect coffee and we still had many many filters for it. lol. They have a newer version and it somehow did nothing for me as far as my "want" button goes. So while out Christmas shopping for the little ones yesterday, Joe kept bringing me by the coffee makers and pointing out that Keurig had less expensive versions. UH HUH, and we also have a less expensive version of a "real" thing, I rationed. So I told him that this was the one I wanted and no, I didn't think that spending so much for a coffee maker was a rationale thing for us to do. Because OMG that is a lot of stampy stuff you know? lol. I told him perhaps for Mother's Day or my Birthday or some occation after the mad Christmas rush. This is a luxury item, after all. And by the way, they are more expensive on line, in the stores they are quite a bit less expensive.
And then we walked into Sam's Club and they had it. A whole stack of them. They came with 60 K-cups and a fill it yourself K-cup filter. OMG! Joe did not need to convince me very long. It was the right price, it had lots of extras and it was the beloved one I wanted and now it's in my KITCHEN!!!!! Yipppeeee.
On the cold winter nights, I like to drink Starbucks Calm tea and I have the teabags at home. So if Joe and I want tea, I have to microwave the water for 3 minutes, each cup. Not anymore, now I can brew out hot water in less than a minute for each cup!!!!
Prior to tasting this coffee at club night, I would never have given this coffee maker a second glance. I am not a "one cup" of coffee person. It's not really in my budget, lol, and it's not something I would have ever considered. So beware! If one of your friends offers you a cup of coffee from their Keurig and you are a coffee lover, you will never be satisfied until you can have this in your kitchen! lol. Now if only Sister could send me more cookie crack to go with my new coffee crack! lol.
Thank you Joe for the wonderful Christmas present, I LOVE IT! And I love you. Because if I want it really really super bad, you will insist that I have it no matter how irrational I am.


Danni said...

How wonderful!! Enjoy!!

Ann Schach said...

Oh my gosh! My hubby and I were just talking about getting one...but once again it was a price thing! Maybe we will splurge! I hope that our Sam's Club still has them!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Fantastic! Even though I don't know him, this tells me that your "hottie" is a very good husband! Yay for you!!! Don't even get me wondering about this. I'm happy with my Seattle's Best, remember? I don't want to know, I don't want to know!

Colleen Dietrich said...

I hear good things about those Keurigs...but I drink 8 cups of coffee a day, so it's cheaper for me to go the traditional route and not make a cup at a time!!

BTW, congrats on winning blog candy at Ann Schach's blog!