Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remembering Elizabeth Edwards

No, we were not besties, lol, but I had a lot of respect for Elizabeth Edwards. I cannot image losing a child, that would be the single most devastating thing I can think of. I am not sure I would be able to breath or even want to, but she did. And she continued to be grateful and try to make a difference. And then she got breast cancer and she tackled that face on. And then it came back when she was out there trying to get her husbands name out there and telling everyone how wonderful he was and bring votes coming in. Meanwhile, he was out cheating on her. So she was dealing with Cancer and he was cheating. And then she had to publicly deal with the fact that he was cheating on her. And still she was well poised and grateful. And when she found out he had a child out of wedlock, she had enough. She continued to fight the cancer until very recently and she died today. And I want to say that she made a difference to so many women both Republican and Democratic, she was so strong. And I also want to say that I hope she turned his indoor basketball court into a great big scraproom! lol. And if given the opportunity, I hope she can come back to haunt him often.

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

i know, this is sad. :(