Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Springtime

Isn't this the most amazing tree? I look forward to this blooming every year. You think it's winter around here and then bam, this tree decides when it's allergy season, lol. I had to run in and get my camera and make Joe go down the street to capture these photo's today because after a week, two tops, all the petals fall on the ground and the tree is all green. But the wait is so worth the miracle of colors for this one or two week stretch.
We got caught by our neighbors who drove up, lol, and there we are, taking pictures of their tree. lol. Probably thinks I am completely nuts (actually he's not too far off there, lol) but I had to have the pictures. We all stood there marveling over the beauty for a few more moments. Now that this tree has bloomed, all the others will follow it's lead and there will be white poofs and yellow poofs and pink poofs, but this is the only one who just goes ahead and gives us perfect pink and purple petals.
I hope your day is filled with a moment of excitement and beauty today.


Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

Lucky you!!! What a beautiful tree! The best I can do is having a geranium bloom in the house that I saved throught this winter by setting it by the south deck door. I'm so anxious for flowers again.

Ann Schach said...

What a beautiful tree! I loved your post today. It makes me dream of spring!

Julie Marshall said...

Beautiful tree! I would have totally been taking a picture too. Soo pretty.