Monday, March 5, 2012

MFTWSC57 Sketch Challenge

Hey, what happened to 57 and 58? lol. This is 57 and I do have 58 sitting right here in front of me, not uploaded yet. Story of my life. I have three jobs though, so I am busy. lol.
This sketch twisted my brain up and I just could not wrap my mind around it. And quite honestly, it just did not turn out the way I thought it would. AND then I saw someone Else's who really did this sketch justice and I HAD to KopyKat it for sure. Isn't that latte girl cute? I loved everything about her card, so I had to find that embossing folder just to make this card. Plus I love it. Here is the original.
Now for a word on KopyKat'ing. I have been reading so many blogs where the designers are just beside themselves because people are "stealing" their ideas. A few of them said that others have literally copied their colored materials and put it out on the web for sale. That would not be KopyKat'ing, that would be stealing. I have had others send me messages telling me they KopyKat'd me or an idea I had. I try to message those I scrap lift from or at least will honestly say I got this from "so and so" or acknowledge that the original ideas were not mine. There is so much out there on Split coast and blogger land that I am sure at some point every idea can be traced back to an original thought. I just love the way some papers or ideas are put together and sometimes the whole design is a dream. Too good to just look at. I gotta try it. And quite honestly, I had no idea what I was doing when I got started a few years back. I started out collecting "pretty papers." I have watched so many tutorials on line, I cannot remember who said what or tried what. But I can say that I really appreciate all the people who share their ideas, skills and love for the craft. It has changed my life and given me so much joy. So thanks to all of those who have enriched my life through sharing their ideas. And those that I have messaged in the past have been thrilled that I would love their ideas so much, I wanted to make one just like it.

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