Saturday, March 24, 2012

MFTWSC64.......Happy Birthday Dad

This Fred Bear Plays Indian is perfect for my Dad. Who is Native American and is very active in the Chumash teachings. He has regalia that he wears and he plays the Indian Flute. He makes Silver Jewelry and has made a couple CD's of his music. Today is his birthday and today I made this card. lol. I know, but you know, I made it today, that counts! I shall put a Home Depot gift card in it and he will be happy. Did I mention he is also a general contractor. He is in the midst of rebuilding another structure..... always building or remodeling. I think I may need to kidnap him for a few projects I need done around here, lol.

So this is Fred Bear from My Favorite Things. Once again, I am on time for this weeks sketch, wow, that is some kind of record for me! I did take some liberties with the sketch, there was another smaller block towards the bottom and I miniaturized it and placed it on top of the Fred Bear panel. There was also suppose to be a bow, but I used twine across the bottom instead.

Speaking of twine.... I have been hoarding a few feet of thin twine I buy at the local scrapbook store. It's like you can never have enough of it and yet, I don't want to use it all because what if they run out? Oh I know, many scrappers out there are so identifying with me right now, lol. Well, I found brand new rolls of May Arts twine in several colors on Amazon! For like a lot less than buying it a yard at time. And this is something I know I will use again and again. Almost as much as I love making cards, I love "finding" new things and for less money, lol. It's an illness that I don't want to recover from just yet, lol.

So how about them clouds? This is the first of many project I have used my new air compressor and new found air brushing knowledge with. The cloud die came from
And this is so easy to use. I stamped Fred Bear on my 110lbs paper, cut down to 3X4 (and then I cut some more). Then I stamped Fred Bear onto a note pad and cut it out. I used a small amount of removable dotto to place the note pad cut out onto my stamped image and then I was ready to air brush. I placed the template close to the top of the paper, airbrushed over the top down to the template, changed position of the template and moved it over slightly and then airbrushed some more, and so on.....til I got to the bottom, and then I turned the template over and gave it a nice smooth coat of B21. Reversed the template bottom to the edge and then airbrushed G24 evenly. Or not so evenly, but I wanted to add some grass in there. I love the grass strokes, I saw this done here on Delphine's place
And then I removed the note pad cutout over Fred and colored him up. See, easy! I did the same thing with the teepee and the back panel.

There are many many clouds in my future posts, lol. I love this!


Beate said...

What a great card! I bet your Dad will love it!
Hugs and smiles

Niki Estes said...

Oh my goodness, this is absolutely adorable!!