Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank You Jen!

I found a new friend when I looked up an amuse stamp consultant on line.

I was showing her a different bathtub card I had done and she was telling me of one she had similar. And when we got to talking about it, it was the same one I have been eyeing for a LONG time! So she gave it to me. Wasn't that sweet!? I love this. So I wanted to thank Jen.
If you would like to buy amuse stamps, please keep my friend in mind (click on her name here.)

I was after a snowflake die from Amuse, but like everything else, there is plenty more that I have to have, lol. Like the polka dot and gingham paper's, some stamp sets, some more dies....the list goes on and on. Good thing she is in town and I can text her at anytime.

The minute she gave it to me, someone else saw it and wanted to know who made it and where can she get it? So who makes this stamp and where can I get it? Right here.

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