Sunday, January 27, 2013

Have you Heard of E-Clothes?

Hi Friends, Family, and Fellow Scrappers,

Have you heard of e-clothes?  I haven't.  But my friend Jamie is swearing by them.  She is the Milk Allergy Mom and is constantly looking for sources to improve her children's nutrition and overall life.  So she tried these and loved them so much, she is selling them.  Go check out her Website and tell her Holly sent you.  They have a two for one special going on right now.  So I put that in my cart.  I also wanted to test drive the window cleaner, lol. And the ultimate test will be the polishing cloth.  My Dad makes silver jewelry that is constantly needing cleaning and he always tells me not to use any chemicals.  So here is the perfect opportunity.  I will be giving you an update on how well I like these after I get them and use them.   Oh and all of these items were less than $20.00 and I get free shipping! whoot!


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Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thanks, Holly! I hope you are loving them as much as the rest of us! :)