Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Snow Go

Happy New Year!!!!
I have been busy, busy, busy since just before Christmas and I wanted to wish everyone a late but great Happy New Year.
We went to the snow yesterday, and yes, while most of the country is blanketed with this glow white cold stuff, we Californians will literally drive hours to go see it and play in it. lol.
This is Jeep and his snow angel. The best quote of the day was, "It's okay, I have life insurance!" Seems Mr. Jeep has been listening in on his dad and I's benefit elections from work and he's figured out he has life insurance. I am not sure he knows exacally what that means, but it gave him great confidence when it came to sledding down the hill. lol.

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Colleen Dietrich said...

That's a great pic,Holly! We have snow here today; 6" or so. The kids have a snow day. Yay!