Monday, October 25, 2010

Cubscout bake sale tonight!!!

Tonight is the cubscout Bake Sale. Last year they had some really over the top Halloween creations. Okay, I think they were professionally made and bought for this occation, but Jeep, Joe and I decided we would have some more creative fun this year. I decided I wanted to encorporate some stampy images from S.U.'s retired booglie eyes, hey ghoul friend, and best fiends. I was able to pick all these retired sets up last year after Halloween and you know, they are just too darn cute to resell, lol. I must keep them for future projects.
Joe made us black (from chocolate frosting) and Orenge to use with our white. We had Autumn colored m&m's, candy corn, sprinkles, and a whole lot of eager ambition from Jeep (who's 7). I just saw a blog with some other fancy cupcake creations, lol, but I really really have to say I like ours the best.

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

SO COOL! love all the treat posts!