Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My N'ears

Hello All,

I am back on the road to recovery. As many of you know, I cannot hear much but a steady humming noise or tennitis from my right ear. After the tympanoplasty things went from bad to worse. I tried that hearing aid thingy and it just did not work out for me. So that leave me my left ear with about a 25% deficit. Functional, I tell you, it's functional. lol. Until something goes wrong. And then all communications come to a complete stop, lol.

I had the beginnings of an ear ache on Wednesday after spending a couple weeks with bad allergies. So I called to see my nurse practitioner on Thursday, but she was booked and I saw someone else who does not know me so well. I got some antibiotics and thought I was good to go. By Saturday I could not hear anything much and by Sunday the pain really started to call my name. So my co-worker suggested an urgent care nearby. Dr. I-Don't-Care declared it an outer ear infection and prescribed drops. by Monday, it was clearly an emergency. When prescribed pain medication is not working and the ear feels like it will explode, it's never a good thing. Thanks to my diligent husband, my usual nurse practitioner (who is the best) called me and realized I needed to get to an ENT ASAP. So she had me in, in less than two hours. And two days later, the wick is out and I am feeling like I may live again, lol. Best of all, I can hear again and that is scary when you can't.

So now that I am established with a new ENT, I think I might let him work on my right ear and see if he can get some hearing back into the situation, lol. I have this thing with doctors. If I concentrate and put my finger on it real well, it's called pain, yes! That's it. Every since I was a child, going to the doctor has meant some kind of enormous pain or anxiety. And the poor ENT doctor did not mean to make me cry but OMG an ear dilator in an ear that is swollen shut is just not going to work!!!! lol.

So let's see, how will I get through this? meditation? prayer? focus? distract? People, I think I am going to have to talk to him about a good sedative, lol.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!!!

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

definitely thoughts and prayers for you. yow, sounds very painful, you poor thing.