Monday, October 25, 2010

Cubscout cookies sale

Okay, I'm going to have to get dear Joe to come edit and flip that pic around, lol. These are the cookies for the sale that we made. Jeep is very artistic like his dad, he likes to mix different mediums to see what he comes up with. The black on black with orenge literally looks like glitter on the cookies, and they are sprinkles. So I am very proud of these cookies.
So each year the cubscouts get together for a bake sale. Each family brings one or some, lol, and they lay sheets of paper by each. When it's all set up according to den tables, the families all go around and bid on eachothers baked goods. This is where Jeep gets a big kick out the whole thing. Last years cookies yeilded $5.00 bids and he was over the moon with joy. So I am hoping this year they remember how great these cookies tasted with the m&m's, sprinkles and candy corn on them.

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