Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dad's Cake

Just a quick update (before I arrive to work late again, lol), on last nights cub scout bake sale. Each cub scout den got together and voted on their favorite baked good to do a live auction bid with. Jeep thought his dad's cake had it in the bag and was very animated and excited. Well, unfortunately there was this cake with a hatchet and a hand and a bunch of rats and well, you know, it was one of those 7 year old, "Oh that is cool!" So that cake won the vote for a live auction bidding. Well that just did not sit well with Jeep and while he was determined not to cry, he was still leaking tears a little. His den leader saw how upset he was and went over and bid $25.00 for our cake. Which made it the 2nd highest bidding cake of the night. Okay, I am not sure why one of the cakes was going for $32.00 but whatever, lol. So once I pointed out that the hatchet cake went for $12.00 and our cake went for $25.00, Jeep felt much better and happy again.

But then little Kenneth was crushed. He just loved the cake that Joe made. I think they named it scary hill cake. lol. So then he was all upset. I talked with Joe and we were actually thinking about making Kenneth his own scary hill cake, when I saw Kenneth's mom walking out with the cake. The den leader gave his cake away to Kenneth. So sweet! And what a great guy to bid high on a cake to make one little guy happy and then give it away so another one would be happy.

No one bid on one of our cupcake plates. I am not sure if it was an over site because the sheet was on the other side or if they were saving up for other cake bid wars. So I bid $5.00 on our own booglie eye cupcakes and we won. And I was very happy to be taking them back home, lol. They are so yummy with all the sprinkles, m&m's, and candy corn on them. Is it wrong to love your own cooking? lol. I had my eye on some great looking brownies, but I got over bid on them twice and you know, at some point you just have to stop, lol.

Overall a great night and successful cub scout fundraiser. We had a lot of fun. And I have a great memory of Dad's cake.

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Anonymous said...

You guys are amazing. Loved the cake, cupcakes, cookies, Jeep's Den leader, and especially loved reading about the whole experience. Thanks Holly!! <3 Nancy