Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thoughts from Reed

I have not had time to create anything this week! I am so going through stampy withdrawls. lol. I did make a card last week for my grandson Reed and had to get it in the mail so it would get there on time. My daughter called me last night to let me know that Reed had actually "borrowed" a card from someone else because he liked it. And when you are four and you like something, it's yours. lol. So she coerced him into giving it back because his Grama Holly sent him his own card. So I talked with him and he thanked me. However he did have one piece of advice for me. He said, "You should put some decoration on the inside Grama Holly, instead of all those words." I nearly fell off my seat laughing. Of course I am going to decorate the inside of the next card I send him and I think for the rest of my life, I will always have something on the inside of his cards. He is "IT" for me. He is the only single thought I can have that warms my whole heart up and makes me know that life goes on. And it does. And it's even better with the decorations on the inside.

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