Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

This is what our Halloween looked like this year. Joe decorated the front of the house with spider webbing. You cannot see in the picture but on the front siding there are masks hanging and they look very very ugly. In lieu of a pumpkin, we opted for a pumpkin mask around a ball, looked scary when it got dark, lol. Inside the window was a Haunted House figurine that a witch and a ghoul flew around the top. We had scary music playing on the CD right under the window too.
Since we were taking Jeep out trick or treating, we put a chair outside the door with a bowl full of candy and a note that said, "The dead command you to take one, and only one candy." Jeep came up with that one, lol. When we got home, there indeed were only a few candies taken from the bowl. We don't get too many trick or treaters but we like to go all out anyway, lol.
This year Jeep's best friend Luke, wanted him to come over with some other friends and go trick or treating in their neighborhood. So we dressed him up as Harry Potter and off we went. Luke is Zorro. We took a group shot of all the boys and Joe got a picture of Jeep and Luke in the action. They had a ball. The ran, laughed, talked, argued, and laughed some more. Luke's dad owns a Little Cesar's pizza and we are always spoiled with some pizza before any group event.
Jeep is such a wonder. He has two parents dotting on his every need and still he has the softest heart and truly appreciates every little thing. He is an absolute joy to be around. Other parents know him from school and the daycare he attended prior to going to school and they will sometimes run across a store yelling, "JEEP!" just to come and say hello. He loves to talk to everyone. What a little personality.
Well this concludes my bragging for now, lol. Many thanks to kind folks that left their lights on and handed out candy this year. The kids absolutely find this whole tradition thrilling and quite fun.


Anonymous said...

Jeep is a perfect Harry Potter!! He just made all his geeky relatives very happy. And yes...he is the sweetest little guy in the world. You are not bragging. <3 Nancy

Jamie Kaufmann said...

love seeing your house and love the's is adorable!