Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm Queen for the Day!

I just got home from a day trip to the L.A. area. I checked my emails and found out I was named Queen for the Day at Splitcoast Stampers. I missed my own party! lol. That is so like me, always fashionably late.

Many thanks to Anne Ryan and all the wonderful people at Splitcoast who participate in these challenges and upload cards. You are all amazing stampers and I feel so blessed to be a part of something so great.



Liz said...

I was so excited for you after I got over feeling bumed because we were away for the day and you missed your own party, red carpet and
But what a great deserving surprise for you. Believe it or not she really does have hard time thinking she is "good enough" so I think this will help to overcome her disbelief of how talented and great she really is....happy for you.
Who knew I would spend the day with the

Nicole said...

Congrats! I can see why you were chosen. You are very talented!