Monday, August 23, 2010

Jeep Art

Jeep has been telling me for over a year now how much he wanted to go to color-me-mine. A place where kids can go paint ceramics. Lucky for him, this was one of his summer daycare's field trips this year and he made this beautiful plate. He walked in with his plate in hand and I was telling him how I would get a plate hanger and hang it on the wall. "No, I'm going to eat off this plate", was his reply. He is too funny. Of course he has been eating off this plate now for every meal. Gotta keep it all washed up and ready for the next meal. lol.

He painted an "earthbender" on his plate. He has always been unique and done his own thing. His first grade teacher, Mrs. Hager, told me a story in one of our parent teacher confrences. She said they studied spiders and when it came time to quiz them she asked the class, "black widow spiders are?" She said all the kids raised their hands and had the typical and usual answers and then she called on Jeep and he said, "blood thirsty." And she said he put a lot of thought into his answer and knew what he was going to say. She said Jeep would be one of her students to watch, he is so smart. And he is so darn smart, we do have our work cut out for us.

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