Monday, August 23, 2010

Soccer Season Begins, game one 9'ers vs. Sharks

Soccer season officially began on saturday and it was our first game. 9er's vs. Sharks. But what a surprise to see Jeep's best friend Luke on the opposing team! OMG!!! Jeep was just as happy to see him and when I asked him how he felt about having Luke on the other team, he said, "Oh, it's fine, just a little friendly competition." They do not keep score at this age, but let's just say, Lukes team won. lol. The part that Jeep sat out he was cheering very loudly and then added, "See what you can do when you put your mind to it?!" lol. Of course we had to have a little talk about that. lol.

He had fun and told us how happy he is that he is playing soccer this year. His coach is very familiar with the rules about soccer and he is a teacher for 6th graders. So he is really good with them and they have that "I want to please my coach" attitude already, so we are in for a good year.
Jeep's in red and that's Luke in the blue, they are both #7 this year.

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

aw, i wish i could zoom in like this at miles's games! yeah, we don't keep score either officially...but miles does! jeep just has words of wisdom, mom!